Currently all the Mala Bracelets on Empress Mala Designs are offered in standard sizing. I have Men's Mala Bracelet set at 7.50" and Women's sizing at 6.25-6.50". This is because these are the most common size for men and women, and also because these are Stretchy Mala Bracelets so there is definitely wiggle room with the standard sizing, and also your own fit preference. I will custom size any bracelet though, so just email me once you've placed your order to let me know what size you would like. 

How To Find Your Best Mala Bracelet Size

My Pop-Up and Trunk Show customers can have their bracelets sized right on the spot as I have my supplies with me at all events. This is also how I've determined the most versatile size options and best fits. You can find information on other customization options Right Here.

As you can see in the photo below, although the tape measure shows my size at 6.50 (with a slight gap for wiggle room) I wear both 6.5 and 6.25 bracelets. Both are equally comfortable but there is a very slight drape. Some customer prefer the bracelets to be snug on the wrist, and some prefer a very loose fit with a lot of drape. 

Diagram For Finding Your Bracelet Size