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Suau | Rose + Lemon Salt Scrub


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Suau Rose + Lemon Salt Scrub 8oz | 226g  Say goodbye to strawberry skin (keratosis pilaris), ingrown hairs and dry ashy skin with Sugar Edit's Suau Rose + Lemon Scrub!A luxurious...

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Suau Rose + Lemon Salt Scrub

8oz | 226g 

Say goodbye to strawberry skin (keratosis pilaris), ingrown hairs and dry ashy skin with Sugar Edit's Suau Rose + Lemon Scrub!

A luxurious whipped soap sea salt scrub made from a high concentration blend of Breton French Grey Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt, inspired by the skin healing salty Mediterranean sea.

This soapy salt blend is the perfect skin prep pre-sugaring, waxing or shaving hair removal and perfect to maintain your skin between hair removal treatments to maximize your results.

This blend of high mineral content sea salts draw out ingrown hairs as it mechanically exfoliates your skin sells, removing dead skin cells that clog up your hair follicles and increasing circulation. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, strawberry legs and keratosis pilaris! This is a highly concentrated salt scrub that won't dissolve on you as you scrub for as long as you want to. So effective, and yet still comfortable on your delicate skin areas. 

How To Use | Best Method

Soak in your tub or shower and when you are ready, step out of the water and scoop out some of the salt scrub soap. Lather the silky soap scrub over your body and concentrate on areas prone to strawberry skin or ingrown hairs. Spend some time massaging the salts in this area. You might want to scoop out an additional teaspoon of scrub for areas that are prone to ingrown such as your bikini area. Lathering your skin with this luxurious salt scrub will feel like a massage as it improves circulation and lymph drainage.

When finished, you can leave the soap scrub on your skin for a few minutes to act as a mask, or you can step back into the water and allow to wash away. If you are soaking in the tub, your salt scrub will dissolve in the tub water creating a wonderful epsom soak to relieve sore muscles and detox further.

You will find that any ingrown hairs will quickly come to the surface as the Dead Sea Salt and Breton French Grey Sea Salt act act as a drawing salve. Use this salt blend as a bath soak for drawing out stubborn slivers too! The delicate Rose + Lemon fragrance will carry you away to the salty Mediterranean Sea.

Since sea salt can absorb the toxins from the skin, it is a natural cleanser and detoxifier. It also helps increase circulation, has antiseptic properties and soothes and softens irritated skin. Sea salt is an excellent exfoliator!



▷ glycerine, water, sodium cocoyl isethionate, sorbitol, propelyn glycol, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, stearic acid, sodium chloride,diazolidinly urea, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, salt blends (dead sea salt,french grey salt, epsom salt) fragrance, natural color (beetroot powder, mica).



Jewelry Care

How To Clean Your Crystals

Do not use jewelry cleaner not specifically made for your stone. Jewelry cleaner is fantastic for gold and silver but can ruin pearls or other gemstones. Simply use a soft cloth to wipe away any debris. A soft microfibre jewelry cloth is perfect to buff the stones. For messy spills, use a very lightly dampened cloth to remove spills and then wipe dry.  

Exposure To Water

There are several gemstones that are not recommended to be submerged in water. Some examples are amber, coral, pearl, opal, moonstone, kunzite, angelite an selenite.

It is my recommendation that the jewelry not be worn in the shower or submerged in water, regardless of the stone used. Submerging the stone or wearing them daily in the shower may cause them to lose lustre.

Do not wear your crystals in water. 


Exposure To Sunlight

Some stones are affected by continuous direct sunlight. Prolonged sun exposure can fade some stones such as Kunzite and Rose Quartz so do not store your pieces in direct sunlight on a windowsill on a daily basis.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Do not store your crystals in direct sunlight. 

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

Some crystals can be altered by intense heat or extreme temperature fluctuations. For crystals effected by heat, for example Tourmaline, do not wear during intense exercise where your body heat will heat up your jewelry very quickly. Hot yoga with infrared heating may alter the color of tourmaline.

Avoid wearing in saunas, infrared saunas, prolonged intense exercise.

General care advice for all gemstones - Do not submerge in water; Do not expose to constant direct sunlight; Avoid wearing gemstone in extreme heat or extreme temperature fluctuations such as near infrared heat lamps at hot yoga or in saunas, or during vigorous and hot workouts.

Suau | Rose + Lemon Salt Scrub